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  • created the 'child theme' that it said (have no idea what that means or what it does) just followed what it said to do then it said upload the new theme or activate new theme the attached is what I get.
  • I want someone to be able to click on a link at the top in the menu _where the page links currently  are (in the top right hand side menu)  and be taken to a page of blog posts - many websites do that. Rather than have to move half way down the page…
    in blog posts Comment by anelike May 2016
  • Hi Ackilesh I have the same question as this. I have looked at updates and it had a few but wallstreet was not amongst them How do I update the theme? thanks Ann
  • ok. take it back. I get it . I have to open those links then click :) have done so. and have now got it working. thank you. it's not very user friendly for beginners. I apologise. I am learning :DAnn 
  • ok. still not understanding :) maybe I am not communicating it well, (what I am not understanding). but I will try and keep going over what you have written and hopefully will have a lightbulb moment.Thanks for trying to helpAnn.
  • no. but please also add in - what is their purpose? What is the purpose we would use 'font awesome'. As in, why would we use 'font awesome' instead of a picture? their value to a website?  I am simply  not really understanding what it is. Hence the …
  • A question I was also wondering - so in the 'to do' you have written there Abhishek - 'valise' is the font? and where it says 20px - you would put in what size you want?And then (as an example) if you didn't want any shadow - where it says 2px, you …
  • Hi Akhilesh Thanks for trying to answer. There wasn't really anything - I just wasn't (still aren't) even sure what it 'is'. What do you use it for? I have tried just playing with it. but all it seems to do is replace the picture if I have one in? …
  • Hi Achilesh whereabouts in the theme folder do I find the header.php and the footer php?  do you mean here ? (attached) then do I just delete everything (eg attached under footer.php - when I click on it ) (then same for header) I delete all of …
  • I used to have (basic I know) homestead account for websites - and in that, you simply had to tick a checkbox > "do you want this to open in a new tab" and then. it was done.those that wanted a new tab, ticked it, those that wanted their own webs…
  • Thanks Akhilesh, I have deactivated the one you suggested, whilst it seemed 'easy to use' it never saved at all, and went back to the original that Abishek suggested and have now got that one working. Finally have the sliders in the order I want af…
  • YES!!! PERFECT!! :) all ok, if I just add the whenever I need to thank you abhihek And yes. All areas I need to be able to do that in :) to be able to start a new line whenever I need to thank you for your help
  • is there perhaps another theme you could suggest that i could purchase instead. one that when I want to start a new line of text, it is possible? Im not sure why it wouldn't be a common thing that most people would want to do ? :/ Don't most people…
  • I put in the     As soon as I click on 'update' the    is removed :/ Top pic, putting in the   , bottom pic after updating the page.
  • I appreciate  the help you have tried to give - but I still just wanted the white text on the green. just the line breaks ability :)
  • i think we have had a misunderstanding re the white box. I see one of my graphics earlier on had it - but that was to try and show I wanted line breaks:/ am sorry if that's what you thought. All i am after, is how do i get 'paragraphs' or control, …
  • as in I could add anywhere > in service, in testimonials, in headlines? etc etc to get a new line starting
  • Abhishek it has worked on one of them. So I just put  
  • have resent a different password to try Abhishek - (the first one that I didn't realise went with the email) Thank you
  • Hi Akhilesh. I didn't realise when I was in working on it, 'that' was called wp admin :) and had been looking for another file within that called that name.I have managed to download the second plugin mentioned. And. I have managed to simply reorde…
  • Hi askhilesh, that's where I was originally. the line numbers do not add up to what Abhishek wrote. He was going to take a look at it for me. Not sure if he has, he sent an email back but it still doesn't allow you to create paragraphs in testimonia…
  • ok, have downloaded and installed the other one. where do I find WPadmin though? (I am following all that is being said in all questions I have asked. things like WPadmin and on another 'theme directory' I can not (ever ) seem to find though. Is t…
  • Hi Abhishek, It's not that I can' or aren't comfortable. I am really trying to learn a lot :) BUT. I just can't find where 'theme directory ' is at all. I installed the Wp editor plugin you said and activated, but I still cannot find anything 'them…
  • Thanks Abhishek. I installed and activated. Opened it up. Clicked onCheck to sort post types. Clicked on slider. Clicked update. but now what? Nothing changes so I'm not sure the next step 
  • downloaded and installed, went into the editor. line 142 says this >  if ( !is_int( $aioseop_mem_limit ) )line 262 says this >   'forum' => array(line 59 says nothing, it is blankthats in the editor?
  • Hi abhishek I cant find 'theme directory'. ? is this under appearance - editor? < that section? Ann
  • ok. I am a little brain dead (worked on this all day :) ) right now. So when I wake in the morning I shall follow the instructions and let you know. thanks Akhilesh.
  • ignore that it's white box and black text, it's just to show the turnovers and the spacing between a couple of the sentences. so it makes it an easier read than one huge block. does that make sense? when I place the text, I have spaces, and line bre…
  • Done. Thank you Abhishek :)
  • ignore that last part. have done it :) thank you once again abhishek am right for you to close :)
  • in the same section as the previous abhishek?
  • thanks akhilesh. just did that and it removed the date from both posts AND from the pages :) thank you. It still shows dates on the front page though. is there a way to remove that too?
  • thank you abhishek :) I shall read through it all and fingers crossed I can do it. :D thank you for your prompt reply (will get back to you if I have any issuesAnn