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  • Thanks!  I'll download it now...
  • I like the Workpress, but as a second choice I would like to use Rambo.
  • Hi guys, All the other themes I've tried are working fine.  Can I get either a refund or a different theme?  I have an anxious customer. Thanks for your help, but this theme is not working. - DB
  • The code looks the same, but the error message changed.  It still gives header errors, but here's the new error: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/30/d419201208/htdocs/Techyork.com/w…
  • Found the link, Thanks! - DB
  • Hi Guys, Any luck with the workpress error messages?  It seems to all be about  techyork.com/wp-content/themes/workpress-pro/functions/excerpt/excerpt.php It's sending a header even though the /wp-includes/pluggable.php or the /wp-admin/post.php ar…
  • Akhilesh, I've sent you an email and a login to a complete new setup on the domain TechYork.com You should also have received an email from the creation of a new user (Webriti) on the domain. Let me know how I can assist you in figuring this out. Yo…
  • Hi Akhilesh, I started with a completely fresh WordPress install in another subdomain.  I removed all plugins and themes except 2015.  It works just fine.  I added WorkPress and when it is activated, I get the same errors as previously mentioned; Me…
  • Akhilesh/Abhishek I removed the theme folder completely.  Then I loaded the theme by copying the zip file to the theme folder.  I removed the theme folder completely again and copied the theme via FTP.  The issues are the same:   1. I am having trou…