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  • swamimahesh
    Hi abhishek have you have a look in my issue o I have to write 100 times ?
    February 2019
  • spentecost
    Can you help me with installing my pro theme? This feels scammy to me as Wordpress says the FTP export is too big to upload. Need help or a refund asap. 
    January 2019
  • jezhiel lopez
    I acquired the theme appoinment PRO, in "demo" it is shown with a big menu, under the slider option of phone, schedule and mail. But there is nothing in that, it seems that it is the free version. Please help me, i need the same theme like looks on demo.
    December 2018
  • olrservices
    Could you help with my enquiry please

    May 2018
  • fercho0316
    Can anybody give me support about modifying the number of pictures that the portfolio carousel shows on appointment pro?
    February 2018
    • abhishek
      Hi fercho0316

      Sorry for the delay.

      We have asked to akhilesh to replied to your query because he is already handle your thread. please wait couple of hours they will reply you ASAP.
  • bitacora
    When you select a category or label of the blog, leave all the post with an extract and button to read more. As it appears on the main page
    May 2017
  • startupswork
    114 views 14 comments Most recent by startupswork 1:36PMAppointment Theme

    March 2017
  • startupswork

    Can you please see my top question and help me as am not getting the correct codes. 

    I have people looking at site so needs to be correct. 

    Can you help asap., 

    Thank you very much 
    March 2017
  • startupswork

    Can you please answer ALL qustions I have raised. 

    I am getting frsutrated now as have asked these very simple questions and awaited answers for over 3 days now 

    Message regarding contact page and callout slider of most importance 
    March 2017
  • startupswork

    Can I ask you to look at my discussions for answers to my questions please. 

    Thank you 
    March 2017
  • snkosi
    Hi abhishek

    thanks for your quick response, How ever im still having problems getting this right.

    look im new in web building please walk with me step by step.
    I have the followed the instructions on my email link but still no luck.

    my question is on the Link to download the theme the DummyData has lots of files i only exported Rambo wordpress only or i need to export every data on dummydata.

    August 2016
  • Hi csmurphy

    we fix your issue. 

    plz have a look. 

    October 2015
  • Thanks 
    we test it 
    October 2015
  • csmurphy
    Hello Abhishek,

    Thank you for taking a moment to fix your plugin on my site. Here's my Wordpress login information.
    Username: CS Murphy
     Password: MisterPoo2013

    Thank you,


    September 2015