Change fonts (lettertype) and Check Marks

Best friends of Webriti,

How can we change the fonts in Busiprof Pro?
And how can we make lists with check marks instead of bulletpoints/dots or numbers?

I hope you can help us!

Yours truly,



  • Hi @dagelijksgeluk

    On which section you want to change font please tell us so that we assit you better.

  • Actually we want change fonts on every page when needed.
    Is that possible?

  • Install and activate this typograpy plugin and go to customizer google font setting and set your typrogrpahy. 

    For your page content add the give below custom CSS code in custom CSS box.

    .page .page-content p{
        font-family: combo;

    If you want to set diffrent font for your particlular page add page id like this.

    .page-id-123 .page-content p{
       font-family: cursive;

    Change page id  and font family according to your needs.
    To know page id install this plugin. (screenshot) .If want more to change any section CSS be free to ask us again.

    Let me know for any confusion.


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