Doubts about client slider

Hi Guys.

I bought the ElitePress theme and I need some information to build my site. I've read the ElitePress doc but didn't find any tips.

1) In the client area section, in the main page, I've observed that it supports only ten customers' logos. Since I have more than ten, I'd like to show at least twenty logos in this slider area. Is it possible? If yes, how to do that?

2) Regarding the contact area, I need to show a Contact Form Page, based on Form7, but I don't know how to associate this. Have you any tip?

Thanks in advance.


Alberto Moreira


  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    For this follow the given below instruction.

    1 Find the index-client.php file located in your theme.

    2 Open it and find the below line of code on line no 16.

    $args = array( 'post_type' => 'elitepress_client','posts_per_page' =>$client_list); 

    3 And replace it with below line of code.

    $args = array( 'post_type' => 'elitepress_client','posts_per_page' =>20); 

    Change post per page  value as your need.

    Let me know for any confusion.


  • Hi Akhilesh,

    The doubt was clarified and the solution worked perfectly.


    Alberto Moreira
  • I have one more question:
    Is there any way to implement the parallax effect in any section of main page? 
    I know it's not a resource available in this theme, anyway I'd like to hear some comments about this.
    Alberto Moreira
  • edited October 2019
    Hi @albertojam
    Glade to know that your first query resolve.
    For your implement parallax effect query, This query is a part of feature enhancement.Its possible but required much code customization, beyond the scope of theme support.

    For your Regarding the contact area Contact Form ,  query for this create separate ticket bz multiple query in single thread create complexity to handle better support query.

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