Pages Especiially Contact Page slow to load


When I am editing the site in the editor the website loads fine, however when I view the site live in a web browser it is incredibly slow. The contact page won't even load? 


  • Hi, 

    The site loaded fine until I paid £50 for your template.  

    I have already looked at self help articles and one of the main points mentioned is the template and since I brought this pro template from you, I thought you might be interested in helping. 

    The front page loads fine as I said, its the contact page that fails to load and I don't know why. 

    I have an image compression plugin installed, the banner image is resized exactly to the same size as the demo image was and in any case there are no images on the contact us page. The site has wp rocket and jetpack plugins and it all worked fine until I installed your template. 

  • Hi, 

    Please tell the procedure prior to not working contact page that What did you do so that we can assist you better.

  • The contact page works fine in the editor so I don't know why it does not work on the live site. 
  • Hi,

    The theme is working fine at our end. Please deactivate/activate all plugins one by one and then check it. Because it may be conflict any plugin with the theme.

    Even after that, your problem not solve then you can share the admin details on my email id([email protected]) so we can take a closer look and assist you better.

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