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i'm using the Elitepress Pro Theme and I have some questions about the direct URL to a Portfolio Category: At first, I plan to make a product overview page, I began at https://www.ascher.tirol/uhren-und-uhrenanlagen/ with the product overview. At this site I will make links to the Portfolio Category direct URL, for example https://www.ascher.tirol/portfolio_categories/analoguhren/ . The problem is that I see just 10 products from 57. Is it possible to configure the Portfolio Page?


  • Hi, @p_ascher

    I can see more than 10 products and it is almost all 57 products. It does not seem an issue.

    Let me know if any confusion!

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    Hi imraz,

    thank you for your answer. The solution on the issue was the setting for the blogs. It was set to show 10 Blogs per page, now I set it up to 100. But I have another question: Can I set the Pictures per row from now 2 up to 4? And is it possible to show the category name in the banner title?


  • Please create a new separate discussion ticket for the new query.

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