Few questions about elitepress settings

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Hello again.
It's a bit harder than I thought and I have some new quastions. If nedded can create a topic for each of them:

1. It it possible to make projects picture on the main page clickable? Not just zoom but open the link to the page. Everyobe wants to click it and trying every time I show the progress with the site.

2. How to make "The gallery" and "Contact us" pages like the ones in the demo? There is no template for gallery in settings and all I got with contact is on the screenshot 1. How to add more information? How to edit the map location?

3. I made about 15 projects pages and some categories for the them. But after click on "All Projects" buttons the page is empty for default. I need the chose categories first. When I click "Show all" they appear (screns 2&3). All the portfolio categories don't work anyway. Each of the show all the projects not only those I marked with category


  • Hi, @ngpsaratov

    Thanks for contacting us!

    It seems you have not seen our Help Documents to configure the theme. Please refer our Help Documents:

    For the 1st query, you need to add the custom code in the child theme. Please create a child theme and let me know after it created.

    For your 2nd query about the gallery and the contact page, you can refer the following links respectively: 
    a) link1 ( about GoogleMap) and 
    b) Jetpack by WordPress.com ( Install and create the Tiled Mosaic type gallery )

    Let me know again!

    For the third one, please create a separate ticket, multiple queries in a single discussion creates complexity to handle the ticket.

  • ok, I created child theme. What shold I do next to make the projects pictures clickable?

  • Download this file and place it in the child theme folder of your ElitePress theme: https://files.fm/f/pamy5j4g

    Let me know did it work!

  • Hello.
    I uploaded the file just like you said.
    It works nice on the main page. The projects pictures are really clickable right now.
    But only on the main page. It click on the "All projects button" they are still the same.
    Can I change it somehow?

  • To set a link on the button "All projects", you can from the customizer settings for the projects: Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/m4rg1d

    Let me know did it work!

  • We speak about different things)
    There are screens.
    The main page is ok now - projects pics are clickable.
    The All projects page - is default. Pics aren't clickable, only title and "more"-button.

    I just did this, but it works only with main page:
    Download this file and place it in the child theme folder of your ElitePress theme: https://files.fm/f/pamy5j4g
  • Ok! means now you want pics to become clickable on the portfolio page template also.  Portfolio page template like Portfolio-2-column, Portfolio-3-column, Portfolio-4-column

    Could you tell me for which template you are want to add this or want to add in all of the three templates? If possible please share your page URL for which you want changes.
  • Please download ( https://files.fm/f/jbrsdndq ) and place it in your child theme folder. Let me know did it work!
  • Can you give your email.
    There are some details about portfolio page of our site
  • Now everything works nice.
    Thank you for quick help!
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