Cannot add services / testimonials / portfolio


I have purchased the Wall Street Pro theme. When I go to 'Live Preview' it only shows the webriti images and content - not the images or content from my website.

When I try to add a service / testimonial or portfolio post in Live Preview, I get the error: "Invalid Post Type".

I don't want to active and publish the theme if it's not going to pull through my content. How can I fix this?

Many thanks



  • Hi 

    Thank you for contacting Webriti Support! My name is Akhilesh  and I'll be more than happy to help you today.  We appreciate you being patient with us.

    Our theme is working fine. You can download and upload our pro theme.

    To download and upload theme refer this link.

    To set up content in our theme read our theme help docs link. 

    Let me know for further assistance. 



  • Hi 

    I have downloaded the Wall Street Pro theme but it isn't working for me - it does not show any of my content in Live Preview - it only shows your pre-populated content. I don't want to make the theme live if it is not going to pull through my content. 

    Why is this?

    Many thanks

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