Only 2 images are displaying when there should be more

This post doesn't display any photos until I click on the Load More Photos button, and then it only displays 2 when there should be more:

It used to work fine. I haven't edited this post but it suddenly stopped working.

The code I use is: [easyinstagramfeed searchtype="user" filteruserid="yes" taggedby="crittersoftsp" captiontextlength="60"]

Thanks in advance!


  • yes, its working fine as we hope.

    Let me explain why its not show more media

    Let's take an example, the Instagram allow us to fetch at the max 32 media items. There is no provision given, to filter user specific feeds by hash tags. So we have coded in such a manner that out of 32 items, the plugin will display those media items which pass the filter criteria, ie, say you have in total 96 media items and you have hash tag called "digitalemassarbeit" on 15 media items. Now from first 32 sets of media, filter passes only 3 media items, then 3 items will be shown, on the second set of request say 12 media items passes the filter than 12 media item will display and lastly one will on the last request.

    So it's not possible to show a same number of the item on the click of Load More with the current base (as per your criteria) and it took a lot of customization which is not possible right now.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,

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