Serve Scaled Images

Hi, I´m having some trouble if the Serve scaled images that gtmetrix is pointing out as bigger than it should,
But I already resized to the max width and I have Tiny PNG too. 
It keeps saying that that " is resized in HTML or CSS from 645x429 to 200x133." but 200x133 is way too small for appointment theme, some I´m thinking that there is some miss lead information between the real needed size of these images on appointment. 
What do I do? Please look the images:


  • Gtmetrix view
  • Hello  @betefreitas

    Thanks for asking query to us . 
    Kindly tell us which product of webriti are you using . 
    If you are using appointment pro theme . 
    Pls post your issue in right category , so that one of our support engineer handle your query properly . 
    And assist you better . 


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