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Hi there. You've recently helped us with PHP errors on tangiblewords.com and you mentioned it is inadvisable for us to update the theme to V2 due to us losing customization. We are concerned moving forward with a theme we can not update. Can you please specify what customization we will lose and if there are any workarounds to effect this update.

Thank you


  • Hi 
    Let me know are you using child theme or not . 
    If you don't using child theme pls create child theme . 
    To create child theme refer this link . 

    Child theme prevents lost of changes when you update theme . 

    You will lost of changes if you made directly changes into  the parent theme file . 

    So firstly you need to take backup and those file inside the child theme directory . 
    Then update theme with latest package . 

    Let me know for  any confusion . 
  • Thank you Akhilesh,

    Yes I have a child theme installed. It has only recently been added though. Our theme folders were replaced at some point with "priyanshumittal-appointment-pro-customizer-0c80014443f4" and "priyanshumittal-appointment-pro-customizer-0c80014443f4 child" so I am wondering why these are here and if there are settings I will need to import from here. 

    I am also not able to find where to download the latest version in my account settings.

    Pls advise thank you
  • edited March 2018
    TO update theme  with latest package refer  this link . 
    Also read our privacy policy .

    Let me know for any confusion . 


  • Thank you, as mentioned, I've been through my account settings and see no where to download the theme. Do we need to pay again to get the download?
  • Hi just checking in to see if you received my previous message. Pls advise. Thank you
  • HI 
    Yes according to our privacy policy . 
    After completion of one year . You need to renew your subscription if you want latest version and continue support . 

    Note :- Make sure  if you made changes inside the parent theme core file . Kindly add those file inside the child theme directory . Otherwise your changes will lost . We are not responsible for that  . 

  • Ok thank you. I believe your team made changes to our core theme to resolve issues with our blog and I am not sure which files were affected. Do you recall by chance what was done?
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