Portfolio Cells equal height for image and text

How can I have the same
size for the cell containing the text and the cell containing the image
inside the portfolio on the home page?

I currently see a scrollbar (see attached picture)
Now i have in the Custom CSS:

.home-portfolio-showcase:hover .home-portfolio-showcase-overlay {
     overflow-y: auto! important;
.home-portfolio-showcase-overlay-inner {
     top: 0! important;
     -webkit-transform: translateY(0)! important;
     -ms-transform: translateY(0)! important;
     transform: translateY(0)! important;

Tanks Mirko


  • Hi achermmi

    Kindly I have checked your site but where we didn't find the scrollbar in the portfolio section take a look in screenshot  http://prntscr.com/hcpj8n.

    So if your issue resolved can i close this ticket.

    Let me know.

  • Hi,
    Now no, because I've created higher images.
    But what css code should I put-modify if I have to add less pictures?
    Thanks Mirko
  • Hi achermmi

    If you will add less size image then you have to also add the less text because if you will add the higher  text then scrollbar will show or text will hide.

    Kindly add the text according to image size.


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