Slider thumbnails

Hi again! :-)

My last question for now:
If you take a look at my website (Home) you can see I used three large sliders in the flex-slider. I also enabled the thumbnail-slider.
If you take a look at the thumbnails, you can see that there is a lot of white thumbnails, beacuse they are not used. I only use three slider-images.
I would like to see only the three thumbnail slider pictures and no white space.

Perhaps it will be solved, when the problem with the large flex-slider is solved, see my earlier ticket. It doesn't loop back at the end of the 3th image to the 1st image. No carousel. 
In the slider-section I have set the number of slides to show at 3. So, that seems fine to me.

Could you please help me out to solve these slider issues?
Thank you again and keep up the good work! 


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