How to get testimonial person's title to display

I can get the testimonial quote (post body with post set as quote format), the person's headshot (featured image), and the person's name (post title) to display. However, I cannot figure out where to add the person's title (e.g. patient, chiropractor, etc.) that would show under their name.


  • HI

    If  possible share your site url .

  • localhost for test site

    Trying to get it setup to display like in the demo.

    Here's a screenshot.
  • Hi

    For adding position you have to add HTML markup in the post title like if Chris Novak giving the testimonial who have a position of Developer than the post title will be

    Chris Novak <br><small class="hc_testimonials_position">Developer</small>

  • OK, that works, but it's fairly ugly on the administrative side since the HTML markup displays in the post list. Can we add this as a future feature where this content is entered as a shortcode or in a field under Post Format?
  • There is other way around but it will complicate things for newbie's . Giving support Advanced Custom Field Plugin.

    We have noted down this feature if we get more support in this than definetely we wil going to simplify it. But after generating permalink adding HTML markup in title will not harm SEO.

    Closing this ticket.

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