Contact Page - Remove Web Site Field from Contact Form

I want to remove the website field from the contact form at the contact page. You told me before I needed to create a child them which I've already done, could you please advise what's the next step?
Thank you.


  • HI 
    /**after you create child theme**/

    1.go to in your theme directory >> contact-us.php 

    2. select and cut contact-us.php file and go to in your wallstreet child theme directory and paste it here 

    3. find attached contact-us.txt file and copy all code. here

    4.go to  in your wallstreet child theme directory >> contact-us.php 

    5. open contact-us.php and replace this code with attached contact-us.txt .

    6. save

    7. activate wallstreet child theme and use 

    let me know did it work 

  • Worked perfectly, thank you!
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