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still in the process of setting up. (nearly a month now ;))

is there a way to make the blogs on their own page - as in, I could make a 'page' at the top with the others, and when people click on it it would only be the blog posts on the page
I still want to also keep them where they are further down the page (page is )

thanks, Ann



  • Hi

    We have little confusion regarding your query . 

    Pls more clear your issue . 

  • I want someone to be able to click on a link at the top in the menu _where the page links currently  are (in the top right hand side menu)  and be taken to a page of blog posts - many websites do that. Rather than have to move half way down the page (where all that top info will basically rarely change) to start seeing changing blog posts.
    is that making sense?


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