Stop on hover or < > option on Tetimonial section on homepage


We are getting a lot of negative feedback on the inability to stop the testimonials from sliding long enough for the viewer to read all the content of the testimonial.

I've been told that Wallstreet should in fact have a Stop-on-Hover option or radio buttons such that the slide can be stopped by the viewer.

I would love to see a < LEFT  RIGHT > controller or a Slide Number circle so that the viewer can control the sliding of the testimonials.

Please comment.


  • Hi nicolus

    we all ready fix that issue "Stop on hover " testimonial plz update your theme package.

    thanks for your suggestion  on slider number and  arrow we will discuss about it to our team. 

    let me know new version works on for you to hover issue

  • Hi @

    Any update ?

  • Hi Ackilesh
    I have the same question as this.

    I have looked at updates and it had a few but wallstreet was not amongst them
    How do I update the theme?



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    Hi  @anelike

    To update the theme with latest version refer this link  

    Before update the theme make sure . 
    If  you made any kind of changes into the core theme file . 
    Kindly create child theme and  add the file into child theme directory . 
    To create child theme refer this link  

  • created the 'child theme' that it said (have no idea what that means or what it does) just followed what it said to do
    then it said upload the new theme or activate new theme

    the attached is what I get.
    wallstreet theme fail.jpg
  • HI

    Delete the  old parent theme and  then upload the  new  theme . 
     To delete the theme Refer this link   .


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