Contact Callout Settings Background image

I have tried to change the background image on the contact callout setting but it just stays white? I want it to be the same image as the Callout image on homepage (
Please help.


  • Hi 

    use this give css in your theme custom css box 

    background:url("IMGAE URL HERE") no-repeat fixed 0 0 / cover rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);


    let me know 

  • The image did appear but  now the font is dark so you can't see it. need the font to be white. what do I add to that code?
  • Can someone get back to me about changing the font to white?
  • Hi 

    Sorry for delay 

    use this for contact callout font color 

    .hrtl-callout-section p{color: #ffffff !important;}

    .hrtl-callout-section h2{color: #ffffff !important;}

    let me know did it work

  • Thanks, but I need help with the About the team session with the spacing. I have emailed all of you and no one has got back to me.
  • Resolved 


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