How to change font for Site Title

Hello I want to change the font for the site title.
I added the font to functions>font>font.php
I cant find the line to change font for site title in style.css
please help


  • Hi

    Open the style.css file and fine the  below css on line no 981 . 

    .page-header-title h1 {
    1. font-family'RobotoMedium';
    2. }

    Change font family name as you need . 

    Or you can also add the above code into the 
    Appearance << customizer << header setting << custom css box . 

    .page-header-title h1 {
    1. font-family'RobotoMedium';
    2. }

    Let me know for further assistance .

  • Sorry, its not on line 981
    Im using wallstreet pro, line 981 is footer something....
    Even when I try custome css box its not working
  • I found the line, but it is not letting me save the change or update the css file.
    I can change the font.php file etc but nothing is happening on style.css file. When I close the page it says changes will not be saved
  • Hi

    Which method are you using for updating the theme  style.css file . 

    update the file with the help of FTP method . 

    If still does not  resolve your issue  share your website url . 

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