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This had already been fixed months ago but now someone on your team has updated our theme (even though I was assured nothing else would be affected) and now my blog won't work.

It was at and it had a summary option. THis is what you guys sent me before which I did but now it is gone. I would like this fixed please asap.

For this you can  have to create new template . 
If you create new template and further you update the theme the new template will not lost . 

Follow  the given below  instruction . 

1 Create blog-full-read-more.php file into your theme directory . 

2 Copy the code from blog-full-read-more.txt  and past into the blog-full-read-more.php file . 

Now you will find a new template called . 

Assign it to the page . 


  • I ended up having to create this myself as I couldn't wait any longer.

    However if you go to you will see that there is no space between when the first blog article starts and where the page title banner is. How do i fix this?
  • edited April 2016

    Due to some conflict at your end . 
    I am unable to change in your code file via theme editor option . 

    Pls allow me to changes into the code of file so that . 
    We can sort out your issue .

    And also custom css box data did not save . 

    Add the below css code into custom css box . 

    .blog-section-lg {
        margin-top: 50px;

  • Ok the CSS code worked but I don't understand why you can't get into my theme editor to remove 'by author' and photo. Nothing has changed and you were just in my file updating the theme so should be able to get in.

    Please help me with all of my other urgent matters.

  • I have done all of this but want the "read more" button to appear on the Blog with right sidebar template. Please help
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