font awesome

just a general question - what exactly is 'font awesome'?

Service Icon (Using Font Awesome icons name) like: fa-rub.
"To Enable Service Icon Check Mark The Check-Box"

I have tried google with no luck to work out exactly what it does/is.


Ann :)



  • Hi

    Let me know what do you want exactly . 

    Are you want to use font awesome icons in the service section . 

    If you want to add google icon simply add 
    fa-google into  font icon  field . 

    For more help see the snapshot . 

    let me know for further assistance . 


    font icons.png
    service icons.png
  • Hi Akhilesh

    Thanks for trying to answer. There wasn't really anything - I just wasn't (still aren't) even sure what it 'is'. What do you use it for?
    I have tried just playing with it. but all it seems to do is replace the picture if I have one in?
    I was wondering what people use it for.
    I thought there might be some article (have tried to search for one with no avail) to explain to me (a beginner and maybe many here are and might wonder the same thing, hopefully I'm not the only one needing more info) that I could read to see what exactly font awesome is, and what someone would use it for.


  • edited April 2016

    Thanks for  giving valuable suggestion .

    We will  prepare an article how to add   font awesome icons . 

    Do you need further assistance .

  • no. but please also add in - what is their purpose? What is the purpose we would use 'font awesome'. As in, why would we use 'font awesome' instead of a picture? their value to a website?  I am simply  not really understanding what it is. Hence the first question.
    Thanks, Ann.
  • Hi

    Let me  clear are you want  service image instead of  font awesome icon into the service section .  . 

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