Author picture on full blog article

You were able to remove the author name and picture on the blog page (summaries) but when you click on each article to see the full article, the author picture and name reappear. Can this be removed including the white space?

I would like the white space on the summary page of the blog to be removed too. (


  • HI

    Let me clear are you want to remove  Author name and picture from the full blog article page
    See the snapshot link  and clear me . 

  • Yes I would like to remove both the author name and picture on the full blog article page.
  • Hey 

    follow given instructions to remove author name and image 

    paste this css code in custom css box 

    .blog-post-lg a:nth-child(1) {

    .blog-post-lg a:nth-child(2) {

    for remove remove "by" between image and author name 

    go to in your theme directory >> functions >> template-tag.php 

    find attached template-tags.txt and colpy all code and paste it in your theme directory template-tags.php

    let me know did it work 

  • Whoever i spoke to before about the author and name showing up on the blog summary went in and did it directly and I assumed this would mean it would not come up in the full blog article as well. Can someone go in an remove it?
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