New In Rambo 1.2.4

edited August 2014 in Rambo
@Version 1.2.4
1. Fix contact page miner bug ( notification to query email address ). 

@Version 1.2.3

1. Home page intro section added
2. In Service section adding Title and Description text
3. Footer call out area manage

@Version 1.2.2
1) Service and project portfolio linkable with open new tab.

@Version 1.2.1
1)FA-Icons and Service TITLE linkable.

@Version 1.2
1)Video In TABS Issue Fixed.
2)Widgets Function nammed.

@Version 1.1
Added Menu JS Only

@Version 1.0
released with including featured->
1.     Copyright sign removed from hyperlink.
2.     GPLv3 added in the theme.
3.     Comments and reply width set to 90% to maintain proper layout.
4.     Title bug fixed.
5.    Tag lien linked to home.
6.    Front page layout manager
7.    Enabled and disabled section by dragging and dropping.
8.    Add New Featured Front page layout manager.
9.    Client strip slide speed manage option.
10.    Re-installation setting + latest Default installation setting Marge Code


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