Default Setting for Blog Featured Images

Can you please provide html code to put in CSS Custom Box so there is a
default setting set up so that any image is resized to fit in that area
where the featured image goes on the blog.

Someone from you
company has already done this for me for the client logo section on the
home page and said this could be done for the blog.


  • Hi

    Let us know are you want to fix height and width of all  blog featured images. 

  • yes I want a default setting for the size of all blog featured images so they are consistent regardless of what image I put in there.
  • Hi

    For this add the below css code into custom css box . 

    .blog-lg-box img {
        width: 350px !important;
        height: 250px !important;

    Change width and heigh as your need . 

  • great! Thank you!
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