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Hello, is there a way to change the positioning of where the button is located on the slider? possible putting it lower?


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    Thanks for contacting to us.
    See the snapshot and confirm me are you want to change  position of the button indicated inside the snapshot.
    Kindly clear us so that we can  assist you better.
  • Yes, change the position of that button and its title. As shown in your picture "powerful bootstrap theme".

    Thank you 
  • Hi 

    To change position of all block having three content 1 (title , description , Read more button) For this add the below css code inside the additional css box. 

    .slide-caption {
        top: 65%;

    To change potion of  only read more button  use below css code .

    .slide-btn-area-sm {
        margin-top: 20px;

    You  can change margin  and top property value as your need.

  • great thanks
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