Installation of Google reCaptcha for "I am not a robot" option.


Am struggling to install Google reCAPTCHA in my contact 7 form. 
Using contact form and not contact template. 
Recaptcha V3 should automatically place on form. ReCAPTCHA is active after using API keys and following installation process. 

Is this something you could help me with? Is it a theme issue? 

Many thanks



  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    Sorry its a part of customization, kindly refer the plugin guide or help resources to do that. 

     More specifically question "I would like to add Google Captcha to the custom contact form7 on my website. How can I do this?"

    Let me know. Also make sure if you want to edit code file than its better to create a child theme and copy paste the file in the child theme.
    Feel free for further assistance.

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