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I have a bilingual site. The default is french; there are 2 blog posts showing on the homepage, one in french but the other in english. How do I get only french posts while the homepage is in french and the english posts when the homepage is in english? 


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    Thanks for contacting to us.
    To make billingual site refer this tuitorial link.
    Create each post  for both language, let us know for  further assistance.


  • I created each post for each language and put only french posts in the french menu and english posts in the english menu but on the french homepage, I get one french post and one english post. Same for english homepage.
  • In the string translation, I don't have the titles on the homepage's main picture and some other titles are missing as well e.g. Footer callout settings description and the button 'for more blog posts' ( in french on the english homepage)
  • The Private Policy Page in now in the french menu and the Politique de confidentialité is in the english menu since I have activated Quality Pro. 
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    Sorry for your inconvenience.  We have checked translation is working fine at our end. 
    It may be some conflict happening at your end. If possible send me your wordpress admin detail  at  my  email address.

    So that we can login and check whats going wrong with your end.

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    Sorry I never give my admin details. When I check my website like an outside observer would, I notice all the problems from an outsider point of view. One has to know both french and english to notice that both languages show on the homepage.
  • To summarize,
    I have chosen Quality Green because the description said it is multilingual. Since I have installed the pro version:
    -the english homepage still has french in it since in the options for string translation, I don't get all the wording that is on the french version including the titles that are on the main image
    -even if I choose to put in the menu the first level elements, the english menu displays all elements
    -the private policy page can't get published
    -the blog posts are in both languages in each language

    While I wait for your answers, my website looks unprofessional. Please provide answers with pictures of the steps to follow without asking me for my admin details.
  • Hi 
    Home page main picture(slider section) customzier content  is translatable, We  can  translate main picture content through  Language>>Strings Translation >> .
    A  typo mistake in  wp-config file that's why you are unable to translate footer call out description and view more post text.
    To fix it simply find the wp-config.xml  file located in your theme directory and replace the code of it with the code mention in this link.
    For your  latest new post section translation pls send me  snapshot of the   all post  you have added and also send me snapshot of the a post editor section  where you have added content.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • I have inserted the new wp-config and got 2 new elements in the strings translations: footer call out description and view new post text. thxs. But did not get the elements to translate the main picture content, which is the most important.

    What about the menu in english? I get all elements and sub-elements in the menu despite the fact that I clicked on 'add first elements automaticall to the menu". It was ok with the free version.

    I am working on the latest new post section - will get back to you.
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    how do I delete the free version of Quality Green? Do I need to deactivate the plug-in webriti companion? My site doesn't work -I can't add new pages, save options works only one out of three times.
  • Hi 
    Pls deactivate webriti campanion plugin.  
    If you want to delete a theme pls firstly deactivate theme   then click on  Theme detail button and  click on delete button.
    More help see the screen shot

    Let us know for  any confusion.

  • Ok I tried doing that yesterday but due to problems with godaddy it had not worked. It worked today. Thxs.

    Urgent problems remaining to be resolved since there are at the top of the homepage  
    1)titles on the main homepage image don't appear in the list of String translations -Wpconfig needs to be changed again probably
    2) in the english menu, I want only 1st level elements to show and subelements to unroll- at the moment I get all elements

    3)in latest news section, I want only posts in the language of the homepage, not one of each language -I will send you images of what you asked later
  • Hi 
    Lets take step by step process.
    #1 Slider section  translation is working well at our end but at your end dont  know why  it not working don't know.
    Any way  I have other way to translate customzier section data. 
    Simply use   add-polylang-support-for-customizer  plugin  this plugin provide settings to  content in both language.
     Let me know for any confusion.


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    I have not tried the polylang support for customizer yet.
    Concerning the problems with the english menu, I have tried going back to the Child version of Quality Green and there is no problem with the english menu.
     And since I have installed the pro version last week, I get messages 'you need to learn how to debug wordpress' so I think there is a bug in your pro version. I will see how to debug and get the specific type of error and will let you know.
    Meanwhile, please send me another copy to download that includes the wp config with all the string translations options.
  • Can you reimburse me for the Quality Pro? I can't get a proper menu like I had with Quality Green;
  • I sent you 2 e-mails and didn't get a response since Sunday. There is a lot of progress but my homepage project section is still a problem. I see the demonstration projects from your theme. My projects are in the project section and show when I go back to the child theme but I don't know how to put them on the pro theme homepage.
  • Hi @mariellesavard
    I have replied on email.
    Pls checked  email and let me know if you have any confusion.

  • Akhilesh
    I have sent you another e-mail. I hope the last problem will be solved soon because it is taking a long time to get the website right after purchasing the pro theme. The Child theme caused a lot less problems.
  • Issue resolved via email.
    Can I close this ticket.?

  • yes thanks
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