Description below picture of portfolio on homepage

Hi again,

When you click on a picture in my portfolio on the homepage (circle chain icon) you will be seeing a new page with that picture.
But no description below. In WP I wrote a little story below that picture. But I can't see it.

Do I need a child theme? And will this child them give problems with my slider on my homepage?
See the discussion of last year, where I had troubles with the slider.

Second question: When will Corpbiz be updated?



  • On Portfolio single page only the title of the portfolio has shown, if you want to show the description on this page, then we can give you custom code.


  • Hello Sohail,

    Yes, I want to show the description (little story I wrote) below the picture on the page. See attached examples.
    This will be clearer what I mean.
    Example portfolio-page.png
    Add New ‹ — WordPress.pdf
  • By the way ... if I still want a child theme, which plugin do you recommend? Or is it also possible with Theme Editor?
  • Hi @piepschuimlogo-nl

    To do this follow the below steps

    1. Create a child theme, we recommended these plugins for creating a child theme.
    2.In child theme directory create a new file with name content.php and paste this code.
    3. save and activate it.

    Yes, this is also possible with the theme editor.

    Go to Appearance >> Theme Editor and replace the content.php file code by this code. For more help refer to the screenshot.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Sohail,

    Thanks. As far as I can see, everything is working now.

  • Glad to help you.

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