Adding more posts to "latest news" area

Is it possible to display 6posts intead of 3 in the latest news are on the homepage?

Thank you in advance


  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    For this simply  find the index-recentblog.php file located in your theme folder.
    Open it and find the below line of code on line no 19.

    $no_of_post = $current_options['post_display_count'];

    And replace it with below line of code. 

    $no_of_post =6;

    You can change no of post value as your need.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • It worked perfectly!

    But, I set to appear 6 posts, but one appeared in a separate line. How can I change it, pleasee?
    Snapshot attached
  • Snapshot here
    latest news.png
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    Pls share your website url, so that we can take a look and assist you better.

  • Hi 
    You website  in maintenance mode.
    Pls deactivate it. 

  • Sorry, I'll finish some changes this weekend and put it online next week. 
    Then, I'll come back to this post. 

    Please, don't close this ticket yet. 

    Thank you
  • I have looked for  index-recentblog.php  but I don't have that file. I only have index-blog.php. And yes, I want to either display more news items on teh homepage of or find out how I can add a hyperlink to de rest of the News. I cannot find an option in the 

    Latest news settings

  • Hi @fcassee 
    Sure we will assist you dear. 
    Never post  your query in other client ticket. 
    Bz it creates complexity to handle better support query. So pls open new ticket for your query.


  • Well the question is exactly related to this query, isn't it. Will also help the initail poster
  • Hi  @fcassee
    Thanks for  posting new query.Handling your query here.

    @angela_a  Any update ?


  • Yes, sorry I didn't answer before! 

    It worked perfectly! 

    You can close the ticket!!

    Thank you!
  • Glad to help you.

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