Custom home page

I'd like to know if there's a way to customize the home page. for example I'd like to keep all header section and slider, the project and portfolio sections and substitute all others with something I create with Elementor.
Is it possibile?


  • Hi, @jonathan74

    The home page shows all the sections because of having the Custom Home Page template. Elementor plugin creates its own page but sorry can't edit any given theme's template.

    To set sections of the homepage you can please Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme layout manager and manage section according to you.

  • thanks for answering
    is there a way to reproduce with Elementor the slider I can see in the home page template?
  • HI

    As I already told you about the Elementor plugin, you can create page but can't edit the templates. Yes, you can create even slider as same as given in our homepage but it's up to you how you able to create the slider. Before all to create you have to be aware of functionalities of the Elementor plugin. You can refer to the Elementor documents to know more about it:

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