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When I try to use font awesome icons even I specify the color (e.g : fa-laptop color_orange), it comes all grey (see the attached file).

I have tried all colors, and different icons but the result is the same.
icon awesome.png
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  • Hi 

    Thanks for remembering this issue  we will sort out it in  our next update . 

    For now   open your style.css file and  find the below line of css code on line no 222 

    .homepage_service_section a > i {
    color: #333333;

    And Remove it .


  • I'm using Wordpress where can I find my  style.css file.
  • Hi
    The style.css file ,which is located in your theme package folder (name corpbiz) then find style.css file.

  • the update will be this month?
  • Hi

    When we update the theme   , I Will tell you .

  • But even I include the code in my my style.css file I still have the same issue
  • Hello!

    it works now, thank you for your help I appreciate and you can close this ticket.

    Have a nice day
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