Help Please - Any way to make it so Image in Home Slider does not gets cropped

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I have tried to put in an image so that it shows on the Home slider on my home page (wgere the wall street image was before and have tried exporting at various sizes) but it keeps cropping when I would like the whole image on display. 

Can you tell me where I'm going wrong please and how best to keep aspect ratio & the whole image in the display.

Thanks so much


  • Thanks for contacting us.

    Please use standard size for slider images.
    Standard size in our theme is:

    Width : 1600px;
    Height : 750px;

  • Hi Sohail,

    Thank you for this. I actually amended the image and is 1446 x 750, and it still doesnt work. The image is actually worse than before. It shows ok in the posts section, but in the HOME Slider its completely cropped.. Is there another way of fixing this ?
  • Hi

    Please share your site URL so that we can take a closer look and assist you better.


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