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Good day!

We bought a topic from you, and a question appeared.

Help increase the width of the main content of the page, and reduce the width of the sidebar. How and where is it done?

A screenshot of what I want:

Thanks in advance!


  • Hello!

    I think I figured out how to do it. But I have a problem how to make <? Php elitepress_post_layout_class (); ?> deduced col-md-9?

    Where to point it?

  • Hello
    Thanks for contacting us.
    To do so, you need to create a child theme, For creating a child theme refers this link .
    Ignore if you have already created child theme. After it  Create a new file in the child theme with name  index.php  and edit it, then paste the code in it from
    Save changes and activate your child theme..
    Let me know for further assistance.

  • Hello!
    I did everything, as you said, but I did not get it, the parameters have not changed.
    Did bye like this

    Was such an option?
  • Hi 
    Undo the previous comment changes.
    Follow the given below instruction.
    1 Find the template-tag.php  file located in your theme folder >> functions folder .

    2 Open it and find the below line of code on line no 42.

    { echo 'col-md-8'; } 

    3 And replace it with below line of code.

    { echo 'col-md-9'; } 

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Hello!
    I did everything according to the instructions, but everything was unchanged ...

  • Hi 
    Its working fine at our end. If possible send me your admin detail at my email address 

    So that we can take what's going wrong with your end.

  • Greetings Akhilesh!

    Understood! all perfectly! Thank you Have a nice day!
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    Glade to know that its work for you
    Look forward see you again at webriti.

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