Is it possible to reduce JS and CSS ? and how?

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Hi ,

My site has too many JS and CSS, make the site opening speed very slow. 

1. Can you reduce the JS and css without influence the funciton and apearance?
2. Is it ok if move the JS to footer or move before </body>, so the site can loading header first.
3. what is the JS, there are so many of them, is the Plugin JS?

Thank you for your time, plz kindly read my question before reply. 


  • Hi, @woolars

    Better you should use the cache plugin for the same. You can search HERE and can use on of the best suit your site.

    For more about cache plugin you can refer to this LINK

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    Dear Imraz,

    Thanks for your kind reply. But i already have 9 plugin already.  Will the plugins also make the speed slow? and how much plugin should a normal site have?
  • Hi, @woolars

    Just try for once and check the results coz loading images takes most of your loading time then plugins execution time.

    Let me know again!

  • Thanks for your help Imraz,

    I tried a new solution, and it works fine.   This reply is prepare for other users who have same question.

    I minimized the size extremely by useing this link, after that, the whole site is ver fast without any plugin help. 

    Thank you and best regards.
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