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I have buy busiprof pro 1.9.9. I have a page "cars" with blog
masonry 2 col. I want delete the time near the posts. How does it works?
And I want only specific items/Posts on the page "cars". How does it works? Do I need a plugin? I have the page "cycles" with masonry 2 col and I want choose other posts.


  • Hi, @chris88

    Use the custom CSS to hide the meta time:

    /*hide meta time*/
    .entry-meta time{
    display: none;
    /*hide meta time*/

    Let me know did it work!
  • Yes, it works! Thanks!
    But can I show only specific posts on page with masonry 2 col? I want choose posts, which I show on the page with masonry 2 col.
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    Create a child theme, ignore if already running. Now the thing you have to do manually you need to download a category file for each of your category, and then just add the post IDs in it which you want to show in that category template. 

    Download THIS category template and edit the file name category-4.php in such a way that you category ID replace the 4. For every new category ( like it is for your car ) download THIS file and edit to rename to replace the number ID 4 with your new category ID ( i.e. ) whatever ID it has. For eg: for car category the file name would be category-12.php
    To know ID please use: Reveal IDs plugin

    *All category file should be in the child theme folder, so whenever you do update of the theme you changes remain preserved.

    Now in each category file, put the post ID which you want to show like this Screenshot

    Let me know if any confusion!
  • Glad to hear that!!

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    Thanks :)
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