I cant configure my blog...

I just bought the Quality Pro to build my Blog, but I cant get this layout: https://heroic.webriti.com/
Should I have bought the Heroic instead? Please someone from support mail me: [email protected]

It only shows two posts and they are messed up. Also I cant put my info on the right sidebar like here https://heroic.webriti.com/.


  • Thank you for contacting Webriti Support! My name is Akhilesh  and I'll be more than happy to help you today.  We appreciate you being patient with us.

    No need to buy Heroic theme   , Heroic theme  is a child theme of  quality theme .

    Quality Pro theme have all the functionality of heroic theme plus also have additional feature .

    To get https://heroic.webriti.com/ such type of layout for this you need to use Blog Right Sidebar Template .

    More help see the snapshot  .

    Let me know for further assistance. 



  • HI 
    Did the above solution work for you ?

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