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I've added 13 clients in 2 steps: first 2 (worked fine) and today 11 but since then, the first 2 are not displayed at the site (they are present in the admin though) and only the 11 last added clients are visible. What to do>

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  • Hi, @t3live

    Please recheck all the clients you have added must have been in status published, Visibility should be public. Maybe you have missed something, coz I have tested it's working fine at our end. 

    Even try also after deactivating all your active plugins for a while, maybe it happens due to any of the activated plugins.

    It's all are not the reasons, then please share us your admin details[ [email protected] ] if possible for a while, so that I could debug this issue.

  • Hello Imraz,

    It's really a bug. I deleted the not-visible clients and added them again. Now they are visible but others on the low end of the list aren't visible anymore. I've added you as a user, please see your mail for details.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for pointing that out! I marked that and we’re going to fix it in the next release. However, I have fixed this one in your parent theme's index-client.php file. If you want you can place this FILE ( ) in the child theme of the ElitePress theme.

    Let me confirm if the issue resolved!

  • Yes, it works! thanks!
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