Problem with national czech chars

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I was bought Busiprof-PRO theme and I installed it on my wp site. This web is for czech people, and I need to use some special chars including: ěščřžýáíéúůóňĚŠČŘŽÝÁÍÉÚŮÓŇ (latin extended). 

Problem you can see on this screenshot:

Thank you for solution!

I use current version of busiprof theme and UTF-8 encoding. I need solution as soon as possible.


  • Hi, @hubacekl

    Your screenshot shows some characters that belong to Latin. But could you please tell where in which section you are not able to add these characters. Please share your site URL also.

  • Hello @imraz

    Current website URL is:
    There is problem for example in header title, thre is text: Oficiální stránky střední školy Kralovice (thhere is problem with chars š and ř.

    Thank you!
  • link is changed to
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