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Hi all,

we use wpml to translate our stuff. Most works fine but one Major issue is that wpml string Translation find all Default theme strings, but every custom changed entries (for example in Footer-Callout-Section or Services-Section) wont be found by wpml and we're not able to translate it. Default language of the site is german and for now we translate to english.

Does anybody have some suggestions how we're able to fix this?

thx a lot



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    Thanks for contacting to us .
    Firstly at least you need to enter  website content in one language .
     Go to => WPML => String Translate => Here you can find your content and translate in any languages.

    More help read our help docs link . 

    Let me know for any confusion . 

  • Hi akhilesh,

    thanks for your quick response, I got some questions to be sure that I understand correctly because im not much
    expirienced in web site creation and wordpress

    1. wpml-config file - ok
    2. wpml is still running and active, do I have to deactivate/activate??
    3. we started editing in german only and translate parts via wpml in english..  so shall we maintain in german as default language or use english instead?

  • Hi 
    You need to maintain German language as default language . 
    More help read our help docs link . 

  • Hi akhilesh,

    it seems like I had to tag my content with a GetText-Echo command (wpml support told me so), but I cannot find the context himself in any file (have searched for the strings with 'sting locator' plugin) neither know in which table of the database it might be. Do you have any helpful hint? It's the marked content in my screenshot.

  • Solved!!!

    For anybody who like to know how. I was totally wrong - the informations I was looking for where hidden in the wpml string translation under text domain admin_texts_appointment_options and not to find in textdomain appointment-pro as I thougt and was searching in.

    Special thanks to akhilesh
  • HI 
    Glade to know that its resolve ?

    Look forward see you again at webriti. 

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