"Our Clients" Missing from Dashboard

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Hi -
The "Our Clients" is missing from my theme's dashboard.
Do you know how to have this restored? Or if it is hidden somewhere I cannot see?


  • Hi

    Please Disable all plugin..
    and check it show our client.

    one by one active plugin after resolve your problem..

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    did the above solution work for you

  • No, it hasn't worked. Deactivating all Plug-Ins will take me a very long time, and then I risk forgetting to activate a plug-in I need. I do not want to do this.

    Also, why would Plug-Ins affect a template on this theme?
    Can you please advise another solution.
  • Since no other theme setting is hidden, so you to deactivate the plugin one by plugin and see wither which one is creating a problem.

    Point is, it is the problem of page menu order. Which is conflicting with the theme client menu.

    Let me know for any confusions

  • This has worked. I found the plug in that was causing the difficulty.
    Many thanks for your help!
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