Add 'Tags' to the Project Caption for Portfolio

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I would like to add the tags for each project, so that they are visible under each caption for the projects on this page:

For instance, project one has two tags that can only be viewed once you go into the project. I would like all tags to be displayed on the above link as part of the caption of each project.

Many thanks, Nicole


  • hi,
    Did you like this type tags given as on screen shot.

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  • Hello!
    I would like the tags to be displayed only on this page:
    This is the Portfolio 3 column template, and has a caption of each project below. It would be useful to have the tags displayed here, so that when users utilise the filter above, they can also see the tags to give more accurate filtering.

    Does this make sense?

    Many thanks, Nicole
  • hii

    It is beyond the part of support, its a part of customization.
    Batter if you create more category by that name.


  • I dont understand what you mean.
    On many other templates there are customizable options.
    As none of your customizations are documented well, I have had to log a ticket each time.

    Why is it not possible to display a tag??
  • hii

    First of all you have to create child theme, please refer this link to create child theme.
    Then copy the code from  below attached file and paste in below mention .php file of child theme.
    tag.php with tag.txt
    portfolio-3-column.php with portfolo-3-column.txt
    child-theme package -> functions -> post-type -> custom-post-type.php with custom-post-type.txt

    sorry for your inconvenience
    let me know if any confusion regarding this solution.

  • hii

    Did above provided solution is working.
    Let me know for help or we can close this ticket.

  • The above is far too complicated a solution for such a simple problem.
    This has not resolved my query.
    But as you are not able to help further, you might as well close this ticket.

    Many thanks, Nicole
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    Note: Child theme is for your secure use of theme.Using child theme you can avoid to make changes in core theme. Child theme uses full functionality of parent theme without modifying its code.

    You can make all the changes in core theme as well.
    You can replace all text file with respective php files. All the needed files are attached in 6 November posted comment. 

  • Hi

    Any update here

  • hi

    Did your issue resolve?

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