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I notice on home page Portfolio buttons appears with a button who says "more info" or whatever you wish. However, at the portfolio template, every picture appears with two icons, one for the picture and other for the link.
Is there some way to use the same behaviour on home page in the portfolio main page?



  • Hi flyriviera

    It requires core code customize so I will suggest you to add customize code  in child theme you can read more about child theme here https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

    Now Follow given instructions.

    1. Create a child theme you can use this plugin to create child theme https://wordpress.org/plugins/orbisius-child-theme-creator/

    2. Go to in your theme directory and copy index-portfolio.php and now go to in your child theme directory and paste here index-portfolio.php file.

    3. Find the attached code in https://pastebin.com/mjCPr4s4 and replace in your child theme index-portfolio.php file.

    4. Activate your child theme.

    Let me know did it work or not.

  • Hello
    Thanks for contacting to us .
    To do so, you need to create a child theme ,For creating child  theme refer this link .
    . Ignore if you have already created child theme .After it  Create a new file in the child theme with name  index-portfolio.php  and edit it, then paste the code in it from https://pastebin.com/xLB2E7u1

    Save changes and activate your child theme.

  • Errrrr... No, I think I was misunderstood. Check my site: www.yoince.es. If you see the portfolio buttons (in my case are called services), it appears a single button called "Mas Informacion". OK. At the menu, you can go to servicios (it's the portfolio main page). There, instead of a single button, appears two. I wish to appear just a single button, like at the home page. It that possible?
  • Hi 
    Means you want to show Read more (Mas information) button on portfolio  template like the snapshot  . Just similar to  the home page portfolio section . 
    Kindly confirm us so that we can assist you better . 


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