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With my previous theme i had a general featured image for my web www.luciamonterodriguez.com and different featured imaged for the post of my blogs. With the changes that @imraz suggested in this discussion it always appears the same image and I don't like it at all. Is it possible a dual behavior, the current image when i share this url www.luciamonterodriguez.com and the featured image of each post when i share them?



  • Hi, @sece43

    You are using the Shareaholic plugin. In the previous discussion, you want the static image to show while sharing the link of your main site URL but even after my sharing custom meta tags for the same does not work. Still, it's same as I notice. Plugin automatically takes the first image of your blog's feature image of posts. It's a feature of part of the plugin. We can't support plugin related queries. Please, it's better to discuss this one with the plugin author.

  • Thanks @imraz but after I wrote your code in header.php main image appears with all the links. Now, even if I delete that code I can't return to previous situation, that is to say to use alway image of the post :(
  • Could you share me the link of the image, that still coming up while sharing...
  • Hi, @sece43

    In a previous discussion, I have shared custom HTML tag to paste to show only static image i.e. ThisOne but as I am testing here the image coming up while sharing is different. Means that custom HTML tag does not have any effect at that time also and still not any.

    However, if possible please share your wp-admin details([email protected]), let me check at my end maybe you get missed to remove the custom HTML tags.

    Thank you
  • You've got email :)
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