AHH Help Me! Just Upgraded and I'm LOST!

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I just upgraded from the BusiProf Lite theme to the Pro theme and I'm completely lost!  On the lite theme I was able to go into Appearance>Option Panel and make all changes that would reflect on Home Page.  Now in the Pro theme it gives me different sections on the right side bar such as "Clients", "Projects" etc. but when I add content to them it does not reflect on the Home page in the areas where it should.

Can someone please help me with this???

Thank you in advance for your time!



  • hii alicausi

    In Pro version we use Custom Post Type like Slider, Services, Portfolio.  User can customize these section  accordingly.

    I will explain how to add Slider and Services on home page.

    Add Slider on home page:
    1. Go to Admin Dashboard -> Featured Slider -> Add new Slide.
    2. Now add title and description for slider.
    3. On clicking, 'set featured image'  add slider image then publish.
    4. Repeat above steps to add more slider.

    Add Services on home page:

    1. Go to Admin Dashboard -> Featured Service -> Add new Service.
    2. Add title.
    3. Fill detail in feature service meta box:
       ->Get font awesome icon.
        Choose an icon from list and copy the icon name and paste it in text box. For eg. fa-bus.
       ->Give the service link title and description.
    4. On clicking, 'set featured image'  add service image then publish.

    In similar way you can add remaining section to home page like Featured Portfolio, Our Client, Our Team.

    All these sections are manage from option panel ->home page setting.

    Let me know if you need any help in configuring the theme...

  • Did that Work
  • Hi,

        Did resolve your issue ?


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