Remove two little icons from the Portfolio on the HomePage

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On the homepage:
The portfolio grid, when you hover over each, I would like to remove the icons, and just have it directly link to the project page.
The link and plus sign are confusing for our users. 

Thank you - Nicole


  • Hi

    Yes we can remove the icons but problem is that if we remove the icons , hover color of the portfolio image will also remove .

    If You agree with this condition then follow the given below instruction.

    For this you have to create a Child theme

    To create a child theme  follow this link
    After creating a child theme follow the given below instructions :

    Firstly create a index-portfolio.php file into the child theme directory

    then copy the code from index-portfolio.txt (which is given below in the attachment ) file and

    paste into index-portfolio.php file of your child theme directory.

    and save the changes.

    Let me know for any confusion .



  • Can I just keep the icon that has the little link. It is confusing to have two icons for our users.
    They keep clicking the plus icon to go to the page but it just makes the picture bigger.

    If I could only have one icon that would be best. 
    I want to keep the overlay as we hover over the photo as this is appealing.

    Thank you, Nicole
  • Hi

    Two of which do you want to remove .
    Plus icon or without plus icon.

  • I want to remove the Plus icon which when you click enlarges the image.
    The Link icon (which when you click goes to the project page) needs to stay.
  • Hi 

    For this you need to edit core theme file.

    Firstly I recommend you to create a child theme , than, copy paste the file  index-portfolio.php of parent theme  in the child theme folder.

    Secondly Edit the file and find the below line of code on line no 43. 

    <a href="<?php echo $post_thumbnail_url; ?>" data-lightbox="image" title="<?php the_title(); ?>" class="hover_thumb"><i class="fa fa-plus"></i></a> 

    And Remove it .


  • Sorry, this is a little confusing.
    I am not sure what is meant by child and adult theme.

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  • did your issue resolved?
  • No - There's been no response to my last comment!
  • hi 

    Please open this URL and know child and parent theme...not ADULT theme

  • hi

    Did above solution worked

  • Hii,

    In case, you do not want to change using child theme then find the below line of code in index-portfolio.php of your base theme package and remove.
    href="<?php echo $post_thumbnail_url; ?>" data-lightbox="image"
    title="<?php the_title(); ?>" class="hover_thumb"><i
    class="fa fa-plus"></i></a>

    If raise any doubt please get back to us.

  • Hello
    Thank you this is a better resolution!
    So in the portfolio.php file, I remove the text in bold?
  • Thank you - that has worked perfectly!
    It has removed the + icon which is exactly what I wanted.

    Thanks, Nicole
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