404 and search results pages


Is it possible to customize 404 and search results pages? 

I would like to customize text and to appear latest news.



  • Hi, @sece43

    What changes do you need for 404 page? 

    However, you can add your own style and HTML for 404 page. There is a file with name 404.php in your Appointment theme folder. Edit the file to add HTML & CSS in your own way if you can. 

    Similarly, for search page, you can see search.php
  • Hi @imraz,

    I would like to add a latest news sections or similar below the main advice.


  • Create a child theme, ignore if already using. Create a new file in your child theme with name 404.php and edit it, then paste the code in it from https://pastebin.com/WDX0U79Z

    Activate your child theme & let me confirm it!

  • Hello @imraz,

    Your solution works, but I wonder if it's possible to reduce de gap (blue arrow)?

    gap en 404.png
  • Copy & paste the custom CSS in your theme's custom CSS box:

    .error .container-error-404 {
        margin-top: 2% !important;

    Change the value 2 to increase/ decrease the gap

    Let me know did it work!
  • Perfect @imraz!

    Thanks, thanks and thanks
  • Glad to help you!

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