Logo in the middle of the page


I want my logo in the middle of my page, above the menu.

I tried to do this with the logo settings, but there I can only put the logo left of the menu.

The solution I came up with is to upload my logo as an image in the widget (on top of the page, in the middle). Unfortunately... The image doesn't line out exactly in the center. 

Is there another way I can put the logo at the top of the homepage (above the menu) in the centre? Or does someone now a code so the widget does get lined out in the center?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hello 
    Thanks for asking query to us . 
    If possible share your website url . 
    SO that we can take a look and assist  you better . 

  • The website URL is www.socialdier.nl :-)
  • Hello 
    To show logo exactly center add the below css code inside the custom css box . 

    div#top-header-sidebar-center {
    1. text-aligncenter;
  • That worked! Only one small problem left: I have adjust the color in the header, thanks to you (you gave me a code for that :-). But in some browsers (for example Internet Explorer) on some devices (sometimes mobile, sometimes desktop) the color that is still the old color (black).

    Can I fix that problem aswell?
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    Dear for your color  related issue pls  create separate ticket  .
    Bz multiple issue in single thread create complexity to handle better support query .
    Also tell  me the thread link  where we suggest you color changing css code . 
    I am closing this ticket .


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