Installed Pro - how do I keep the work on child theme Bluestreet?

Having the same issue as here:

My client began work with Bluestreet, having first found Wallstreet, but preferring some things on Bluestreet. They installed Wallstreet lite and Bluestreet.

I have done a lot of updating for the client using Bluestreet, with CSS editing & some shortcodes, but it seems that some features would be better if I just upgrade to Wallstreet-Pro. 

For instance - Bluestreet only offers a few page templates (e.g., full-width blog), and we would like the blog page to show with sidebar. 

I have purchased Wallstreet-Pro and installed it, but can't assign Wallstreet-Pro as the parent of Bluestreet.

How do I now get all the stuff we had setup in Bluestreet to show? 

Can you help? This seems much more difficult than I expected it to be.

I really just need the extra page templates to be added to the theme...

~ Raylene
(on behalf of BP Heavy Duty and Ben Snow)


  • Hello Dear @bpheavyduty

    Sorry for your inconvenience  . 
    Blustreet is a child  theme of the Wallstreet . 

    So all the functionality of  wallstreet light   and   blustreet  child theme ,have functionality in wallstreet pro theme +  wallstreet pro theme theme also have additional functionality . 

    Conclusion :- If you use wallstreet pro theme in that case no need to use blustreet child theme . 

    Kindly Activate pro them and let me know step by step in which section are you getting issue . 
    When you activate wallstreet  pro theme  you front page data will lost  bz  In pro theme we managed front page section via custom post type . 
    To set up content   refer theme docs link . 
  • If still you are unable to set up content pls give me access of you  website  , at my email id 

    Dear don't hesitates to giving access to us .
    Same kind of issue we also resolve of our client @fiddlerman  link  .

    Hope I made my point clear .

  • I kind of do understand, but I'll send you access info, too. Thanks.
  • Hello 
    I have seen your website and you have added content in pro theme .
    If you have  any issue let us know .  So that we can  process further .


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