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  • I would like to edit the colour and size of the Theme Support Settings Title and Description text. Please can you let me know if there is an easy download file that can be used.
In general, I find this template is not as customizable as many other WordPress templates I have found on Envato Market. 
Can you please let me know if this is an easy way to download a specific plug-in for this template that will enable more customizations, or if I can pay or buy a way to customize the fonts and colours in a more efficient manner.

Nicole Dorrell


  • Hi 

    For you Second Issue   Kindly Refer this Thread 

    Kindly create separate ticket for separate issues , So that we can assist you better

    Kindly pick one issue here and create others tickets for other issues.


  • I have updated this with only one issue, and I will log separate threads for the other two issues.
    Thank you.

    PS - I removed the stars (as per the thread you gave me). But there is still a line showing. I have commented on the thread link you referred me to.
  • Hi

    I checked your website  URL  and  your line below the stars issue was resoled .

    If you have other issue pls create separate ticket .

    So can I  Close this ticket .


  • Hello - Yes this has been resolved.
    Thank you!

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